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March 30, 2016

Several years ago while working for the school system, I was in the middle of making a decision about a job transition.  Part of the decision was out of my control, and I just had to wait to see my options before I could figure out my next move.  I felt anxious about t...

March 23, 2016

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  I debated whether or not I should even post this week.  The last six days I have spent most of my time in a hospital room with my dad who has been struggling with COPD for many years.  I was sure I would have no inspiration to...

March 16, 2016

Dear You,

If you’re looking for someone to kick your butt, to set you straight, to whip you into shape, to show you the err of your ways, to step on your toes…don’t come to me.  Please.  I will fail you miserably. 

When I look at you, I see your beauty, your s...

March 9, 2016

Several days ago I stepped out into the misty rain-filled night to take my gratitude walk.  After several minutes of walking, I exhausted my list of gratitudes and allowed my mind to wander.  You know the type of thoughts I’m talking about, the kind where I was trying...

March 2, 2016

Many years ago when I was in the chronically busy stage of my life, I was driving on the interstate after leaving a full day of work, heading to an appointment, right before I was headed to a meeting, so that I could go home and work on my graduate school homework unti...

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