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My Personal Journey

Like so many people, I spent many years over-stressed and overwhelmed by our current culture that discourages us from taking a breath and truly experiencing the beauty of this life. Low levels of anxiety and depression moved in and out of my life in waves as I bought into the frenetic pace of the world that seemed to be all around me.

I lived in planning what is next and trying to do it all, accomplish it all, and be “good” enough, until I had enough. I decided I no longer wanted to rush through this life but instead fully taste it, feel it, experience it.

Most important of all, I wanted to be deeply connected to others, myself, the earth, this present moment, and the Divine Spirit that dwells within me. I wanted to be present for my own life. As I learned more and more about living a more mindful, contemplative life, I slowly began to chip away at the activities and busyness that were not working for me and little by little fill my life with greater meaning.

I don’t believe that anyone is meant to walk the same path, and we are the only ones who can unleash our true self and our true purpose on this earth. No one can do it for us.

I am not a perfect contemplative. I still panic sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with too much to do, and at times I feel paralyzed by my own fear and self-doubt. But I know where to go; I know what to tap into when those moments come. I know how to let Spirit gently and lovingly bring me back, back to a place of calm and peace, of love and forgiveness, of balance and joy.

Even in my most ordinary moments I feel the richness of that connection and it has transformed my life. Everyone who wants that can have it. Everyone. I truly believe that.

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