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Message from the Bird Feeder

Several years ago when I was preparing to sit on my patio to meditate during an early spring afternoon, I decided to fill up my bird feeder. It had been a harsh winter, and I had neglected to put food in it for months. I always had been told that if you don’t fill up the feeder regularly, the birds will stop coming and it will take them awhile to find their way back. I had little hope any birds would come join me during my time outside that day, but I put the food out anyway, knowing the birds could use it and maybe there would be a small chance a bird would find her way there so I could enjoy her.

Within a half an hour my backyard was covered in birds. I was giddy to see so many, so soon and wondered how they found their way back that quickly. I heard Spirit say to me, “If you fill up the feeder, I will send the birds.”

I knew there was more to that statement than birdseed in my backyard. I knew the Divine Spirit was reminding me of all the people in the world looking for spiritual nourishment. I knew because I was one of them. I knew that God was telling me that if I would take the time, energy, and resources to put out spiritual food in the community, God would send exactly who was meant to be there to enjoy it and to be nourished by it.

This weekend I got to see that happen at the SoulCollage Workshop my friend Emily and I facilitated. When I sent out the invitation for people to join us, I had no idea if anyone would attend. As far as I knew very few people in this area have even heard of SoulCollage, but I sent it out anyway. In less than a week the workshop was full. I couldn’t help but think of that promise made many years ago while sitting on my patio enjoying the birds.

I know I am not the food. Learning more about our true self is the food. Listening to our inner Divine voice is the food. Being more present in our own life is the food. Being deeply connected to others, ourselves, and the Divine Spirit is the food. But wow, it was great to be a part of it, even if all I did was fill the feeder.

I wish you could have seen the birds who showed up at the workshop on Saturday. They were just as beautiful as the ones at my feeder all those years ago. I was so grateful to be in their presence.

I hope you won’t be afraid to share the food you are called to give to this world. We all have something to share, even though we sometimes let our fear stop us. And I pray you won’t be afraid to be the bird either searching for spiritual nourishment in a world that sometimes feels lacking in it. The right food is out there for you, though you may have to search for it.

I hope on most days you will be both the bird and the filler simultaneously, always seeking and always sharing what you can. There is so much beauty in the world. I don’t want you to miss it.

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